— () — We would like to get in with the fall publication, if possible.

A.How much do you plan to spend on advertisement?

B.Which edition would you like your advertisement to appear in?

C.What do you want to say about your products in the advertisement?


5. ___________ last week?

-I took some photos.

A. What did else you do

B. What did you do

C. What do you do

D. What do you did


What would you tell the interviewer that you are such a candidate who can adjust yourself to changes quickly?

A.About what new things or skills you have been learning at the moment.

B.About what changes you encountered before and how you responded.

C.About how smart enough you are to be able to stop adverse situations getting worse.

D.About how interested you are in some new technologies, methods and applications in your study.


8.What did you do ___________your day___________ ?

A. at,out

B. on,leave

C. at,way

D. on,off


Passage Two

What is your favorite color? Do you like yellow, orange or red? If you do, you must be an optimist (乐观者), a leader, an active person. Do you prefer grays and blues? Then you are probably quiet, shy and you would rather follow than lead. If you love green, you are strong-minded and determined. At least this is what psychologists (心理学家) tell us. They have been seriously studying the meaning of color preference (爱好), and the effect that colors have on human beings. They tell us that we don't choose our favorite color as we grow up. If you happen to love brown, you did so as soon as you opened your eyes, or at least as soon as you could see clearly.

A yellow room makes us feel more cheerful and more comfortable than a dark green one. On the other hand, black is depressing. Light and bright colors make people not only happier but more active. It is a fact that factory workers work better, harder, and have fewer accidents when their machines are painted orange rather than black or dark gray.

Remember that you will know your friends and your enemies better when you find out what colors they like and dislike. And don't forget that anyone can guess a lot about your character when you choose a piece of handkerchief.

36. According to this passage,______.

A. one can choose his color preference

B. one is born with his color preference

C. one's color preference is changeable

D. one has to choose his favorite color as soon as he can see clearly


36.答案为B  从第一段心理学家的研究和If you happen to love brownyou did so as soon as you opened your eyes推知人对颜色的喜欢是天生的。

第 PAGE4 页 共 NUMPAGES4 页英文面试题目英文面试题目篇11.“What can you tell me aboutyourself?”2.“What would you like to bedoing five years after graduation?”3.“What is your greateststrength”?“4.”What is your greatestweakness?“5.”How do you feel about yourprogress to date?&6.Why did you choose Peking University?7.Why did you choose MBA?8.What would you like to be doingthree years after graduation?9.What has been your greatestacplishment?10.Describe your greatest strengthsand weaknesses.英文面试题目篇21.Describe the best/worst team ofwhich you have been a member.2.Tell me about a tim ewhen yourcourse load was heaviest.How did you get all of your work done?3.Give me a specific e_le of atime when you sold someone on an idea or concept.4.Tell me about a time when you werecreative in solving a problem.5.Describe a time when you gotco-workers or classmates who dislike each other to work together.6.Tell me about a timewhen you made abad decision.英文面试题目篇31.What kinds of people do you find itdifficult to work with?2.What are some of the things youfind difficult to do?3.How would you evaluate me as aninterviewer?4.What interests you least about MBA?5.How do you handle rejection?6.What is the worst thing you haveheard about our school?7.See this pen Im holding.Sell itto me.

Part A


You heard that one of your friends has been accepted by a foreign university. Write a letter of congratulations including (1) your congratulations; (2) some advice; (3) reminding him to keep in touch with you. You should write about 100 words. Do not sign your own name at the end of the letter. Use "Li Ming" instead. You do not need to write the address.



Dear Sun Xiang,

    I was delighted to hear that you have been accepted by Oxford University. I would like to extend my warmest congratulations to you.

    It will be a new life for you. I admire you so much. Life abroad is very different, so you should try to accustom yourself to it as soon as possible. I believe that you will achieve a lot in your future study.

    When you get there, write to me and let me know about your life there. We should not be separated by distance, should we?

Yours truly,

Li Ming

I wonder how many years ago _______.

A.did you father retire

B.your father retired

C.has your father retired

D.your father has retired


--- ____

-- Two years ago,

A. Where did you go

B. Do you like Japan

C. When did you visit Japan


Why did you choose that one ____?

A. for particular

B. in particular

C. on particular


Write a composition of about 100 words on "How Did You Feel at the End of Your First Day as a College Student?" You may begin your composition with "I was tired after a long overnight train ride when I arrived."

How Did You Feel at the End of Your First Day as a College Student?
I was tired when I arrived after a long overnight train ride.One of my roommates was really there and seemed to know many things about the campus.This already made me feel like a fish out of water, but I tried to be brave.By the end of the day the other roommates had arrived and some of them seemed just as confused as I was.We talked all evening about our hometowns and many other things.Eventually we decided we could all survive college together, and began to make friends.

更多 “英文面试题目20220815.doc” 相关考题
考题 共用题干 Research shows we make up our minds about people through unspoken communication within seven seconds of meeting them. Consciously or unconsciously,we show our true feelings with our eyes,faces,bodies and attitudes,causing a chain of reactions,ranging from comfort to fear.Think about some of your most unforgettable meetings:an introduction to your future spouse,a job interview,an encounter with a stranger. Focus on the first seven seconds.What did you feel and think?How did you"read"the other person?How do you think he read you?You are the message.For 25 years I've worked with thousands who want to be successful.I've helped them make persuasive presentations,answer unfriendly questions,communicate more effectively.The secret has always been you are the message.Others will want to be with you and help you if you use your good qualities.They include:physical appearance,energy,rate of speech, pitch and tone of voice,gestures,expression through the eyes,and the ability to hold the interest of others.Others form an impressiont about you based on these. Think of times when you know you made a good impression.What made you successful?You were committed to what you were talking about and so absorbed in the moment you lost all self-con-sciousness.Many books advise you to stride into a room and impress others with your qualities.They instruct you to greet them with"power handshakes"and tell you to fix your eyes on the other person. If you follow all this advice,you'll drive everyone crazy一including yourself.The trick is to be consistent at your best.The most effective people never change from one situation to another. They're the same whether they're having a conversation,addressing their garden club or being interviewed for a job.They communicate with their whole being;the tones of their voices and their gestures match their words.A:Right B:Wrong C:Not mentioned答案:B解析:从文章第一段我们知道研究表明人们会在相互之间的接触中通过眼神、面部表情等的沟通来对他人作出判断。因此本句表述是正确的。文章告诉我们要重视会面的前七秒钟,它能帮助我们读懂对方。因此本句的表述是正确的。文章第三段仅仅提到外貌是我们能够利用的特点之一,并没有提到它是最重要的,因此选择C项。从文章第三段我们知道别人对你的印象就是根据外表、活力、语速、语音语调、手势、眼神,以及使他人对你保持兴趣的能力等因素形成的。因此本句的表述是错误的。文章第五段明显告诉我们作者并不赞同有些书上建议的用有力的握手问候他人,并且用双眼注视对方。因此本句的表述是错误的。文章最后一段告诉我们诀窍在于要始终如一地保持最佳状态的自我,给人印象最深的那些人从不随着情境的变化而改变自己。因此本句的表达是正确的。从文章最后一段我们知道沟通时应当使手势和话语匹配。因此本句的表达是正确的。

考题 单选题John: Did you enjoy your holiday in Xi’ an?  Nancy: Yes, I had a wonderful time there.  Jane: ______  Nancy: Well, I think it’s a place worth visiting.A Where did you go in Xi’ an?B How did you go to Xi’ an?C What do you think of Xi’ an?D When would you like to visit Xi’ an again?正确答案:D解析:根据上下文,空格后句话回答的是对某地方的印象,故C项正确。

考题 —My whole body feels weak and I've got a headache. — ( )?A. How long ago did you get it thisB. How long have you been like thisC. How soon have you got itD. How soon have you liked this正确答案:B      

考题 If all your answers to the following three questions are “yes”, you will feel empowered or self-motivated, please choose them:().A .Are you self-confident?B. Can you do it?C .Are you self-reliant?D .Will it work?E .Is it worth?正确答案:BDE

考题 共用题干 第三篇It is natural for young people to be critical of their parents at times and to blame them for most of the misunderstandings between them.They have always complained,more or less justly,that their parents are out of touch with modern ways;that they are possessive and dominant;that they do not trust their children to deal with crisis;that they talk too much about certain problems;and that they have no sense of humor,at least in parent-hild relationships.I think it is true that parents often underestimate their teenage children and also forget how they themselves felt when young.Young people often irritate their parents with their choices in clothes and hairstyles,in entertainments and music.This is not their motive.They feel cut off from the adult world into which they have not yet been accepted.So they create a culture and society of their own.Then,if it turns out that their music or entertainments or vocabulary or clothes or hairstyles irritate their parents,this gives them additional enjoyment. They feel they are superior,at least in a small way,and that they are leaders in style and taste.Sometimes you are resistant and proud because you do not want your parents to approve of what you do.If they did approve,it looks as if you are betraying your own age group.But in that case, you are assuming that you are the underdog:you can't win but at least you can keep your honor. This is a passive way of looking at things.It is natural enough after long years of childhood,when you were completely under your parents' control. But it ig而res the fact that you are now beginning to be responsible for yourself.If you plan to control your life,cooperation can be part of that plan.You can charm others,especially your parents,into doing things the way you want.You can impress others with your sense of responsibility and initiative,so that they will give you the authority to do what you want to do.Teenagers do not want their parents to approve of whatever they do because they_________.A:have been accepted into the adult worldB:feel that they are superior in a small way to the adultsC:are not likely to win over the adultsD:have a strong desire to be of independence答案:D解析:推断题。本文前三段作者站在青少年的角度对于青少年和父母之间存在的一些问题表示深深的理解,后两段则是用直接对青少年说话的口气,文中出现很多以青少年为主语的you,例如:Sometimes you are resistant and proud because you do not want your parents to approve of what you do…you are betraying your own age group…,you are assuming that you are the underdog : you can't win but at least you can keep your honor.因此本文的目标读者就是十几岁的青少年。推断题。第一段中提及:It is natural for young people to be critical of their parents at times and to blame them for most of the misunderstandings between them.They have always complained,其中be critical of , blame , complain这些都是关键词,由此可知第一段主要是讲青少年对父母的批评。推断题。第三段最后一句:They feel they are superior , at least in a small way , and that they are leaders in style and taste.他们感觉自己高人一等,至少在一些次要的方面,而且感觉自己引领时尚和品位。由此可知,青少年之所以奇装异服,就是因为想引领时尚。推断题。第四段中提到:Sometimes you are resistant and proud because you do not want your parents to approve of what you do…It is natural enough after long years of childhood , when you were completely under your parents' control.有时候你很叛逆和骄傲就是因为你不想让父母对你的行为表示赞成。······经过漫长的完全处于父母控制之下的童年时代之后,这么想也很自然。孩子们想要做些父母不赞成的事情的原因就是他们受够了漫长的童年时期受父母摆布的生活,想更加独立。因此正确答案选D。最后一段提到:If you plan to control your life,cooperation can be part of that plan.如果你计划控制自己的生活,合作将会是这个计划的一部分。由此可知作者建议青少年要学会合作。因此正确答案选C。

考题 题库1. What extracurricular activities were you involved in? What made you choose those? Which of them did you most enjoy, and why?正确答案:

考题 What is your favourite colour? Do you like yellow , orange ,red? If you do ,you must be an optimist, a leader, an active person who enjoys life, people and excitement. Do you prefer greys and blues? Then you are probably quiet,shy, and you would rather follow than lead. You tend to be a pessimist. At least, this is what psychologists tell us, and they should know,because they have been seriously studying the meaning of colours preference, as well as the effect that colours have on human beings. They tells us, among other facts,that we do not choose our favourite clour as we grow up----we are born with our preference.If you happen to love brown, you did so, as soon as you opened your eyes, or at least as soon as you could see clearly. Colours do influence our moods----there is no doubt about it .A yellow room makes most people feel more cheerful and more relaxed than a dark green one; and a red dress brings warmth and cheer to the saddest winter day. On the other hand ,black is depressing. A black bridge over the Thames River, near London, used to be the scene of more suicides than any other bridge in the area ----until it was repainter green.The number of suicide attempts immediately fell sharply ;perhaps it would have fallen even more if the bridge had been done in pink or baby blue. Light and bright colours make people not only hppier but more active. It is an established fact that factory workers work better,harder ,and have fewer accidents when their machines are painted orange rather than black or grey. "You would rather follow than red" means_______.a.you don't like to follow others b.you would be a member rather than a leader c.you would be afraid of following others d.you would like to be a leader rather than a follower答案:B解析:

考题 单选题Mary: Hi, Erica. How did you do in the IELTS test? You took it two weeks ago, didn’t you?  Erica: Yes, Mary. It was certainly a new experience for me. ______ It was quite a long day and I was very nervous.  Mary: ______  Erica: No, nothing special. I just studied the vocabulary by myself in the local library.A I did a good job. ; Anything special?B Therefore, there’s nothing to feel sorry about. ; Will you be nervous next time?C I was lucky enough. ; Is there anything special during the exam?D I didn’t do too well. ; Did you do any specific practice for the test?正确答案:C解析:Erica说考试那天很漫长而且她很焦虑,因此可推知她考的不是很好。Erica最后一句说在考试之前她只背了背单词,因此可知前一句话是问的是有关在考试之前所做的准备。

考题 -- How would you like to go to a movie tonight?A、No. I’m really not in the mood.B、Shall we?C、Yes, I do.D、How about you?参考答案:A

考题 单选题—Can you tell me ______?— With Lucy’s help.A when you did it so wellB when did you do it so wellC how you did it so wellD how did you do it so well正确答案:D解析:句意:——你能告诉我你是如何将它做的这么好的?——在露茜的帮助下。宾语从句语序用陈述句语序,排除B、D项,又因为答语“在露茜的帮助下”。故选项C正确。